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Readers and non-readers alike may not realize just how much work goes into writing and publishing of a book. Book sales never take place unless the books are written and published in the first place and without authors there aren’t any books to put into the book sales. It takes a lot of work to write a book, time is an author’s enemy. Then the editing phase of the book starts, words and sentences are edited away against the author’s wishes but they somehow know it’s for the best. After the sometimes painful editing phase the book goes to a publisher. Hopefully. Once the book is in production it goes out to book distributors and book stores where it ultimately winds up in book sales.

Books don’t always wind up in book sales because many of the publishing houses make sure the books they publish wind up in local libraries for others to read. Libraries are the only place that some people are able to get books from due to their financial situations. If you are the parent of young children you should get them acquainted with your local library. Your children will thank you for it later in life.

My Latest book release:

Behind The Scenes Of Biblical Turning Points

Behind The Scenes Of Biblical Turning Points

What went on as Cain slew his younger brother, Able, thus committing the first murder?

Why did Cain commit the first murder?
Did all twelve really go through the Promised Land?
The day the sun stood high for twenty-four hours.
Judge, Jury… Executioner.
Death at the hands of a woman.
Elijah mocks the followers of Baal.
A queen’s love of God’s chosen people.
Handwriting on the wall.
Satan’s attacks upon Job.
Three days in the belly of a fish.
A weary traveler on the road to death.
My neighbor’s keeper.
Lazarus, come forth!
Was Judas a friend or foe?
Barabbas’s sorrow.
Greed and it’s just rewards.
Evangelizing the lost and hellbound.
Legalism within the church.
A changed man with a changed attitude.
Writing From The Isle – The last years of the last disciple.

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Genres: Christian Fiction, Historical Fiction, Inspirational, Thriller
Tag: My Books
Publisher: Larck Company
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781732792494
List Price: 14.95
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