Behind The Scenes of Biblical Turning Points

Are you familiar with the Bible and its stories?
Could there have been alternative outcomes to many of the Bible’s tales?
These stories take a look at the world’s most famous book from an altogether different angle!

The Bible is the world’s best known book and the original best seller, reaching homes all across the world and acting as a reference for billions of Christians. The stories within it are some of the best known as well, and even if you aren’t a regular church attender you are likely to have heard them or have some passing knowledge of many.
Inside this book, Behind The Scenes of Biblical Turning Points, author Floyd Larck takes a somewhat different look at what may have happened during these momentous biblical events and how things may have turned out differently.
With 20 stories retold, starting from the very first murder the world witnessed, when Cain killed Abel, Behind The Scenes of Biblical Turning Points invites the reader to ask the question ‘what if?’
These stories are just that. They are not intended as a rewriting of scripture and not intended to persuade the reader of an alternate history. They are just stories that anyone may find interesting, whether they are a believer or not.

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Behind The Scenes Of Biblical Turning Points

Behind The Scenes Of Biblical Turning Points

What went on as Cain slew his younger brother, Able, thus committing the first murder?

Why did Cain commit the first murder?
Did all twelve really go through the Promised Land?
The day the sun stood high for twenty-four hours.
Judge, Jury… Executioner.
Death at the hands of a woman.
Elijah mocks the followers of Baal.
A queen’s love of God’s chosen people.
Handwriting on the wall.
Satan’s attacks upon Job.
Three days in the belly of a fish.
A weary traveler on the road to death.
My neighbor’s keeper.
Lazarus, come forth!
Was Judas a friend or foe?
Barabbas’s sorrow.
Greed and it’s just rewards.
Evangelizing the lost and hellbound.
Legalism within the church.
A changed man with a changed attitude.
Writing From The Isle – The last years of the last disciple.

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