Books I Have Read

I Read Books. Do you read books?

I don’t know of many authors who don’t enjoy reading the work of another writer and my wife and I are no different. From early on in our marriage we used to sit in our Florida Room for hours on end reading. So I thought I’d add some book reviews of some of the books I have read over the years. Naturally I don’t have all the books I have ever read listed here but there is a decent sized list if I must say so myself.

Why should I list the books I have read here on a web site where I am trying to sell my own I read books for enjoymentbooks? Because they were and are so enjoyable that I wanted to share them with others. Anyone who is what I call a “recreational reader” is always willing to let others know about a “really good read” they just finished. Reading the works of other authors not only develops my own writing skills but it is totally relaxing as well.


What kind of books do I read? Just about anything to be honest about it, although there are some books I have not enjoyed reading. I read books pertaining to Christianity but you won’t find any listing on this page for a Bible because one doesn’t simply ‘read’ the Bible. You study it and immerse yourself in it but to say that you just ‘read’ it shows you haven’t a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

So enjoy these various lists of books, for your convenience I have added a link to them on in case you wish to pickup a copy for yourself.

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