Turn If You Will…

Turn If You Will…

Biblical Information Highway - A resource for studying the Word of God

Ever “discover” something when you’re reading the Word of God? Something you’ve read many times beforehand yet nothing “clicked” in your mind. One day the Holy Spirit opens your eyes and it’s like you noticed the text for the very first time.
“Turn If You Will” is a not only a Biblical Information Highway but a listing of Comprehensive Bible Helps and Bible Study Helps & References as well.

About the Book

The rearmost part of the Bible is like an Biblical Information highway only in printed form. You’ll trivia information such as: “How many chapters: 1189,” “Verses: 23,214/Old Testament 7959/New Testament,” “Words: 622,771/Old Testament 184,590/New Testament,” and much more. The scriptural information available in the back of a Bible is amazing to use a tired word from the advertising field. The section on excuses against Christianity is worth a read as well.

There’s a ton of archaeological stuff in there. Plus the concordance is a huge source of research material.

Series: Short Story Series, Book 3
Genres: Christian Living, Christian Study Materials
Publisher: Larck Company
Publication Year: 2015
List Price: 2.99
eBook Price: 2.99
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