Parables of Jesus

Parables of Jesus

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A scriptural fiction version of three of Jesus' well-known parables which He spoke as teaching aids. Note that these are not new versions of certain Bible verses, they are fictional tales made using the parables of Jesus as a starting point.

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Behind The Scenes Of Biblical Turning Points

Behind The Scenes Of Biblical Turning Points


Why did Cain commit the first murder?
Did all twelve really go through the Promised Land?
The day the sun stood high for twenty-four hours.
Judge, Jury… Executioner.
Death at the hands of a woman.
Elijah mocks the followers of Baal.
A queen’s love of God’s chosen people.
Handwriting on the wall.
Satan’s attacks upon Job.
Three days in the belly of a fish.
A weary traveler on the road to death.
My neighbor’s keeper.
Lazarus, come forth!
Was Judas a friend or foe?
Barabbas’s sorrow.
Greed and it’s just rewards.
Evangelizing the lost and hellbound.
Legalism within the church.
A changed man with a changed attitude.
Writing From The Isle – The last years of the last disciple.

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