My Book Reviews

My Book Reviews

Like most writers, I enjoy reading for several reasons. Of course, a great deal of study is necessary for writers to create their works regardless of the format. I have learned of some authors who rarely read anything for enjoyment. I read. In fact, most of my family enjoys reading a variety of genres. There are some issues I’ve read about concerning Goodreads (and Amazon also) of is “review bombing: when a coordinated group, or a few people with multiple accounts, intentionally tank a book’s aggregate rating with a flurry of one-star ratings and negative reviews[1].” Goodreads isn’t the only spot of hostile territories for writers as Reddit  has “trolls on Reddit [2].”

[1] How Extortion Scams and Review Bombing Trolls Turned Goodreads Into Many Authors’ Worst Nightmare

[2] Goodreads’ Problem With Extortion Scams and Review Bombing

My Book Reviews:

Come Thirsty (Max Lucado)

Out Into the Desert: Thriving Outside Organized Religion